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Applicant Status and Data

DATAbridge empowers AECOOs providing access to plan revisions and approved plan sets from government agencies by automatically syncing the latest plans directly into their construction management application.

A powerful connector, DATAbridge relays real-time updates of the application approval process, all accessible inside your construction management software to improve efficiency and visibility for your team without the need to log into citizen portals and manually download plans.



Insight for Capital Projects

Avolve’s government customers utilizing construction management solutions for their capital projects can benefit from the integrated efficiencies of data. Synchronization of the data from the application approval process into your construction management software removes the silos between internal systems and departments.

DATAbridge connects the latest application status and updates, pushing it straight into your daily workflows and management of capital projects within the construction management platform utilized by your team.

How could it help you?


Do you log in and out of the citizen portal multiple times to check the status when the team needs updates?

DATAbridge streamlines updates, so the latest plan status is shown within your construction management application, so your whole team can have visibility on the latest status and updates.


Do you have easy access for your team to the latest plan revisions and final approved plans?

Enhance your quality control, get revised and approved documents direct from the government agency straight into your construction management application with Avolve’s DATAbridge.


Want an improved process to send government agencies as-built drawings?

As-builts as synced back to the government agencies by DATAbridge direct from the construction management software, so the communication and process between the two organizations remains efficient and seamless.

How it works
DATAbridge is a connector that synchronizes the status and documentation from government jurisdictions using Avolve’s ProjectDox or DigEplan electronic plan review solutions and shares it back to partner construction management applications.
Our partners
We currently have connectors to the following applications, but more to come…If you are interested and would like a connector to your construction management tool, please get in touch.

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