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Chicago Department of Transportation utilizes ProjectDox

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for public-way infrastructure, including planning, design, construction, maintenance, and management for the country’s third largest city, which is home to almost 3 million people. When their previous electronic plan review solution was discontinued, CDOT sought out a new platform that could fit their unique use case.

Polk County, FL uses DigEplan for Electronic Plan Review

Polk County, Florida is one of the fastest growing counties in the country. To manage development and help the county meet their goals, Polk needs streamlined, user-friendly, and cost-effective technologies to efficiently run operations. DigEplan was the clear winner when it came to Polk County‘s non-negotiables.

CAL FIRE utilizes ProjectDox for ePlan Review

After deploying GOVmotus®//FIRE, a robust role-based permitting and inspection software as a service (SaaS) in 2018, CAL FIRE leadership introduced Avolve Software’s ProjectDox to link their electronic permitting and paper plan review workflows in an integrated, seamless system.

City of Vancouver utilizes ProjectDox

With budget cuts drastically impacting municipal funding in the COVID 19 pandemic, cities with online services have been able to maintain vital revenue streams. The City of Vancouver WA uses 100% online permitting and electronic plan review and has therefore been able to maintain their process of issuing building permits.

Salt Lake City utilizes ProjectDox

Salt Lake City, UT knew they had to make it quicker and easier for customers to get through their plan review process and get on with construction on their projects, so looked to ProjectDox from Avolve to enhance their offering.

City of St. Paul uses ProjectDox

The City of St Paul, MN was hearing from citizens that a more efficient plan review process was needed - and electronic plan review was becoming the standard in the region, so moved to ProjectDox to improve customer service and experience.
The program is excellent and really improves the organization and the efficiency of plan review. The integration with our permitting software has been seamless…
We had set initial benchmarks; and for product testing and comparison DigEplan excelled.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Productivity gains have been significant as a result…one-click all conversions, PDF/A records are created, and stamps applied.
Gemeente Goes, The Netherlands
Our ProjectDox implementation has been a model for others in our region.
Florida, USA
We didn't want to regret our choice in 10 years, so support and future proofing played a role in our decision...
Sandy City, Utah, USA
It’s revolutionary for a city to conduct its permit process this way.
Our interim building official is ecstatic about DigEplan. He says it is so quick and just easy to use, it's a no brainer.
Douglas County, Nevada, USA

Sandy City uses DigEplan integrated to Cityworks PLL

With a population of 100,000, Sandy City, Utah's digital journey started 12 years ago with a desire to update and standardize their internal processes. They moved to Cityworks PLL and DigEplan, for a seamless operation across their entire business.

City of Rexburg uses DigEplan integrated to Cityworks PLL

Keen to move their permitting and plan review to an electronic process, the City of Rexburg considered a number of solutions however, what they found was ‘a complete overbuild’ for their electronic plan review requirements. DigEplan was chosen due to its attractive short implementation time and straight-forward, fully integrated plan review with Cityworks PLL.

Oklahoma City utilizes DigEplan integrated to Accela

Oklahoma City processes up to 17,000 permits per year and was looking to create efficiency by moving to a digital submittal and review format. Serving a population in excess of 650,000, Oklahoma City utilizes DigEplan integrated to Accela to improve permitting processes.

Montgomery County Parks utilizes ProjectDox

Over one million people enjoy access to more than 400 parks, hiking trails, athletic fields, campgrounds, nature centers, conservation preserves, and other recreational areas that encourage people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Montgomery County Parks utilizes ProjectDox to manage park design, refurbishment, and review projects from inception to construction.

City of Missoula uses DigEplan integrated to Accela

The City of Missoula has streamlined the submittal and review cycle process with DigEplan: “We needed to move to an electronic system to improve costs and efficiencies. DigEplan was chosen because of the full integration to Accela and the Citizen Portal, and we were impressed with the powerful set of mark-up and notification tools. The support provided by DigEplan was also a key factor in our decision.”

Memphis and Shelby County utilize DigEplan integrated to Accela

With a population in the region of 650,000, Memphis and Shelby County, TN wanted to create more efficiency in how they delivered services to citizens. Having created a five-year road map, they aimed to make significant changes in their business model and chose Accela and DigEplan to improve the administration of land and building development.

City of Mansfield uses ProjectDox

The City of Mansfield, Texas is a suburban community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area with a population of approximately 70K. The City brought on a new Director of Building Services in early 2019 with the specific charter of implementing a digital platform to replace the dated and inconsistent plan review process in place at the time.

Florida Jurisdictions enhanced with ProjectDox

Jurisdictions across the State of Florida have transformed their plan review and permitting processes with Avolve as their technology partner. Avolve's Florida customers include Seminole, Marion, Orange, Lee and Leon Counties; Orlando, Miami, Gainesville, Tamarac, Davie, Boca, Wellington, Venice, Ocala, Ormond Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Winter Haven, Margate, St. Petersburg, and Lakeland.

City of Detroit utilizes ProjectDox connected to Accela

The City Of Detroit, MI implemented ProjectDox electronic plan review from Avolve. The next step was integrating with Accela’s permitting solution and the results have helped transform not only the city’s development process… but the city itself!

Douglas County uses DigEplan ePlan review integrated to Accela

Douglas County, Nevada knew they would eventually need an electronic plan review solution but were not ready when they implemented Accela in 2018. Now in a position to streamline and digitalize plan review processes for staff, DigEplan was chosen because of its ease of use and deep integration with Accela.

Clackamas County uses ProjectDox electronic plan review connected to Accela

Clackamas County serves a population over 400,000 and customer care has long been centric to the Clackamas County culture of citizen services. Having used Accela’s solutions since the mid 1990s, today the county has Accela Automation fully integrated with their permitting and inspection processes, including utilizing ProjectDox electronic plan review to improve their customers’ experience.

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