SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, July 1, 2022 – Avolve Software, the global leader in electronic plan review, appoints Lance Clark as Chief Executive Officer to take the company into its next generation of growth. In March 2022, Avolve Software and DigEplan merged to create the largest plan review company in the sector, unique in its ability to provide jurisdictions of all sizes with the flexibility to access best-in-class ePlan review solutions that fit their size and budget. Clark now takes post following the end of the integration period.

Backed by the private equity firm Polaris Growth Fund, Avolve Software leads the plan review sector with the largest global customer base, advanced suite of electronic plan review solutions, and dedicated research and development investment. Having held executive positions in technology-driven companies, Clark brings a wealth of GovTech leadership experience to his new position as Avolve enters the next stage in its growth journey.

“Technology used to be an afterthought, but today it plays an integral role in local governments’ economic growth and customer service. Avolve Software is at the forefront of this transformation, with a suite of flexible, best-in-class plan review solutions that can scale to meet your jurisdiction’s demands, both now and into the future. Our vision and passion to challenge ourselves will ensure we continue to meet customers’ needs as they evolve.

“While at Spillman, I witnessed first-hand the power of technology to transform public safety in municipalities. Avolve is on a similar trajectory and is at the cusp of significantly enhancing economic development for jurisdictions globally. I am excited to be part of this movement,” said Clark.

Current CEO Gary Heath has led Avolve Software to be a leading player in the permitting sector, having been at the helm for five years. Heath oversaw Avolve’s substantial growth and successfully managed the merger of Avolve and DigEplan, which brought together complementary technologies to create an unparalleled electronic plan review offering. Gary remains on the board of directors and DigEplan CEO Jason Matthews has moved into the Chief Channel Officer position.

“Having accomplished our goal of creating stability for our customers and partners through this industry-changing merger, I now can pass the reins over to Lance who is exceptionally qualified to lead Avolve in its next stage of growth. Lance and the team will continue to champion our commitment to customer service, and suite of leading plan review solutions,” said Heath.

Clark will oversee Avolve Software’s global footprint, which supports more than 250 customers in five countries. “Avolve’s satisfaction scores showed that 98% of customers would recommend us to other jurisdictions, which speaks volumes about the value that Avolve brings to its global customer base. Digitalization is vital in the current economic climate. Electronic plan review is a critical function and its transformation creates efficiency that drives corporate investment and revenue streams. No matter where you are on your digital journey for plan review, Avolve has the solution to optimize and be your partner of choice for years to come,” added Clark.

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