PHOENIX, Arizona, January 4, 2024 – Avolve Software, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for digital plan review, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the Town of Oakville, Ontario, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its electronic plan review processes. The partnership leverages Avolve Software’s ProjectDox electronic plan review software to modernize and streamline the planning and development approval procedures in Oakville.

The Town of Oakville, known for its commitment to sustainable development and excellence in municipal services, wanted to improve plan review processes to better serve its residents, builders, and developers. Avolve Software’s ProjectDox ePlan review software offers a comprehensive enterprise platform that facilitates collaboration between stakeholders, significantly improving overall operational efficiency.

Oakville will benefit from ProjectDox’s streamlined approval process reducing processing times and improving customer service, with enhanced transparency with a central repository for all project documentation and real-time visibility into the status of applications, making it easier for both applicants and municipal staff to track progress. ProjectDox can also grow with the needs of the Town of Oakville, accommodating future development and expanding services as required.

“We are delighted to partner with the Town of Oakville in their efforts to enhance their ePlan review capabilities. Our ProjectDox software has a proven track record of streamlining plan review processes and delivering substantial benefits to municipalities, one customer told us that their department efficiency improved 33-fold! We are confident that this partnership will have a positive impact on the community, local businesses, and the development industry,” said, Todd Jorgensen, Chief Revenue Officer, Avolve Software.

The collaboration between Avolve Software and the Town of Oakville exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to urban development and service delivery. The implementation of ProjectDox electronic plan review is expected to facilitate a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable development approval process, which will positively impact the entire Oakville community.

Avolve Software is a leading provider of innovative solutions for digital plan review and management efficiencies. With three leading solutions, ProjectDox, DigEplan Pro, and DigEplan, Avolve has been transforming the way jurisdictions manage their planning and permitting processes. By streamlining and digitizing these workflows, Avolve Software enables its customers to build thriving communities.

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